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Missing You.

HI OOHMOONIES!!!! SURPRISE!!!! I’m SO excited to have found some time to say hi to all of you!! Not sure who in the world will check in here after all this time, but HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU!! How I have missed all of this craziness that was oohmoon!!! How is everyone!!?!? I have been [...]


HappyFamily Thorsrud

I could not have anticipated this being the way I’d get to say ‘goodbye’ to oohmoon!! This final illustration is of my best friend since the 5th grade and her family! How sweet is that? A year and a half ago when she had her 4th baby I was still only 6 months into HappyFamily [...]


HappyFamily Geer

Don and Debbie Geer are the parents of Susan Nowlin from yesterday’s illustration! I love creating illustration that are going to be gifts! It’s so fun to imagine the recipients receiving their illustration. How long does it take to realize its them? What is their reaction? How special to get such a personalized gift from [...]


HappyFamily Nowlin

Say hello to the Nowlin family. They reside in Colorado where all the flooding has taken place recently. I checked in with Susan earlier this week, and they were very fortunate to not be affected by the flooding. (Thank you God!) But they know many who were! If you would, please say a prayer for [...]


HappyFamily Dana’s Fam of Origin

This is Dana’s final illustration from oohmoon. Wow, have I loved working with this girl! And what a neat way to end this series of art. Her dad passed away not long ago, and to remember him, she had this made of her family of origin from when they were kids in the early 80s. [...]


HappyFamily Attlan: Waking in Paris

I imagine the Attlan family has just arrived in Paris. They arrived yesterday afternoon and then had such jetlag they proceeded with one mission: find hotel and go to sleep. This scene could be the next morning when they awoke refreshed, excited, and ready for adventures of all things Paris. The girls jump on the [...]


HappyFamily Attlan in the Winter

Winter in July! You KNOW this girl LOVES that! Illustrating a winter piece during the heat of summer is exactly what I need to beat the heat. And that’s not all! To top off all of that loveliness was the fact that this was another piece for the Attlan family (see their pieces here, here, [...]


Happy Family Adams

Yay! Here’s another illustration for June! I love how Carol described her family in her entry. Don’t you feel like you just really get to know them? I especially LOVE how she writes about her husband. Fitting for the week of Father’s Day too!  Thank you Carol for including such great detail about your sweet [...]

Hi there, I’m Katie Moon. I've worked for clients such as Hallmark, Hasbro, American Baby Magazine, Playskool, Family Circle Magazine, and more.  In 2011 I gave away an illustration every day for a year. Now, I continue the tradition by giving away one or two illustrations every week and selling all of them in my illustration shop. Over the exciting year, I also began creating custom Happy Family Illustrations for my amazing "Oohmoonies", and now you can get one of your very own too!
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