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I have no words to describe how much I love this piece and loved working on it! Mountains! I have a special place in my heart for the Rocky Mountains. A fireplace! LOVE!  The colors! Bright and fun! The family! So loving and sweet! And I love that they wanted a Bible verse on their piece. How can you not love this family? This is an anniversary present no less! LOVE!! Lindsay, be sure to let us know how your husband likes it!!

Here is her entry:

Where are you from? Originally…Phoenix, AZ (hot, I hope we don’t have to live here again). The place we love and hope to move back to…Northern Colorado (This is where we feel “home.”) The place we are right now…Reno, Nevada (not our favorite place but I think God must have us here for a reason).Since Colorado is where we hope to raise our kids and we really love it there, I was hoping maybe you could fashion some mountains out the back windows above the brown comfy couch (which is a sectional, not sure if that matters or not)? I thought that would be a good way to incorporate where we’re from.
Tell me a brief summary of each member of your family (name, age, hair/eye color, personality). *
There are 5 members of our family: Michael (Daddy), Lindsay (Mommy), Teagan (Twin A), Boston (Twin B), Kennedy (the Baby of the family)…and no more…ever! :) Michael (Daddy, hazel eyes, brown hair, extremely loyal, kind-hearted, sports fanatic, Doctoral candidate, is the perfect choice for a daddy of 3 girls, and has the best laugh in the entire world when he really laughs from his insides).Lindsay (Mommy, blue eyes, straight blonde hair, professional photographer, funny, outgoing, crazy in love with her husband, crafty, flip-flops and jeans wearer, casual, sports fanatic, writer/blogger).Teagan Elizabeth (3, hazel eyes, curly blonde hair, identical twin, princess dress wearer, raider of jewelry boxes, loves to dance, could play “pretend” all day, loves to pray and sing).

Boston Diane (3, hazel eyes, curly blonde hair, identical twin, is the peacekeeper of the 3 girls, says hilarious things, fast runner, wants to wear fluffy dresses every day, Ariel-obsessed, loves movies, asks 1,305,537 questions a day).

Kennedy Elise (1, hazel eyes, soft curled brown hair, intelligent, speaks well beyond her age, is mischievous, nicknamed “ninja” because she’s so sneaky, so funny, wants to do everything her older sisters do no matter what, loves McDonald’s fries and has a HUGE crush on Justin Bieber…like HUGE crush, it’s borderline strange for a 1-year-old).

The 3 to 5 prominent colors I would like in my piece include (be specific—ie. “royal blue” rather than “blue”, or “light celery green” rather than “green”):* deep purple (eggplant), bright orange, lime green, bright pink, chocolate brown…my favorite 5 colors together. I have a quilt I made in these colors and a gallery wall that matches them.
Is there a career path you would like to include in an illustration * Both Mommy & Daddy finished their Master’s programs last year. Daddy is working on this PhD and Mommy is a photographer. Really, the photography thing is the only thing that is a staple for us. The rest is up to you.
Tell me what you would like to see your family doing (would you like them just sitting all together posing, as if for a picture? Or would you like them to be doing something together). Please supply the most details here: *
I would love to see us having fun together. With 3 kids under 4, we don’t do a whole lot of activities together yet, but we do have fun. The girls wrestle and rough house a lot. Them in a pile-up would be pretty accurate! Also, running in circles around us would work.I’d love us all together in a living room with our comfy brown couch in the background (it was the thing i was most excited to buy when Michael and I got married 5 years ago and I suspect we’ll have it for many, many years). Something fun out the windows…trees, animals, a sun flare (as it is an important part of my work). I would love to be giving Michael a kiss on his cheek or something…leg pop…real mooshy-like! :) Above the windows behind our couch we have the verse “as for me and my house we will serve the LORD” Joshua 24:15. I really love this verse for our family but I’m happy with any way you can incorporate our faith into the picture. 
Any other details you might be able to give me that would help ensure your enjoyment of the piece:*
A couple of weeks after my youngest, Kennedy (who we call Addy) was born, my mom very suddenly passed away. It was unbelievably tragic, though I know God is going to use it for good. She collected hummingbirds and when I see one, I think of her. If you could possibly incorporate a brightly colored little humming bird zipping around out back, i know my husband and I would love it.Additionally, i forgot to add that my girls love to dance and sing. They put on “dance shows” a lot together. They put on their princess dresses and fluffy “spinny” tulle skirts to twirl around and point their toes. It’s adorably cute, so if roughhousing or chasing each other isn’t jiving, dancing around us would totally work too!Also, I am a pretty casual chick (bright tees and jeans for me, but I also love to wear heels with my jeans when my hubs and i go out together. :) Also, my wedding ring is my favorite piece of jewelry. A little bling off of my wedding ring would be super cute.I love your work, I’m pretty sure you could draw us as stick figures and I’d love it! I’ve saved quite a while to be able to put this together for Michael for our 5th anniversary. I give him a traditional gift every year and this year the theme is wood, so paper would work, right? OR you could draw us a with a wood-burning fireplace to represent “wood.” Also, we love photographs, so photos around the room would be cool. It’s really up to you. We are a close, Christian family…a lot of love between us and for God. Any way you could incorporate that would be lovely!

I really appreciate your consideration. I’ve been looking forward to filling this out for quite a while!

Lovely, no? Lindsay, I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom! I’m so glad I could incorporate her into your piece for you! You were so thoughtful with how you put your piece together! It was such a joy to work on!!


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  • Seriously? I have perma-smile. I love it. This is so us! haha…I’m giddy. I can’t believe I have to wait a whole month to share it. How will I do it?!?!?! Thank you so much Katie for sharing your time and talent with us. I will hang this on our walls and it will get talked about, well, forever! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you. He is good, isn’t He? I love that He blessed you with this talent!!!

    Lindsay Moreno

    • Katie Moon says:

      YAY! SO glad I could give you a perma-smile today! You are right! God is so good Lindsay! Know that He is my Helper on my illustrations! I couldn’t do this without Him! Without His help, no one would like their pieces! We can praise Him together!! :D xox!

  • Gave my husband his anniversary present a little bit early because we just moved and we’re getting ready to put pictures on the wall. When I showed it to him and explained all the details, he had tears filling his eyes. BEST. FEELING. EVER! :) Thank you.

  • Tina McNamara says:

    What a terrific story this is. I LOVE your picture. Happy 5th Anniversary with many more to come. We just celebrated our 30th on 11-27.

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