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Kat has been a long time follower of Oohmoon. And so when I received her entry in, I was so excited to see the photos of her family so I could put a face with the name! I just about swooned over them! Especially that baby!! Wow! Aren’t they just such a lovely family! If you’ve been a follower of Oohmoon for a while, and recognize her name from the blog comments, say hi to Kat and her family! Kat, Daniel, and Max, thank you so much for letting me illustrate your family! What a treat it was!

Here is their entry:

My family members include (names, gender, age, role in family):
daniel dennis ujczo, eye color green, hair color brown: smart loves being the center of attention

katina “kat” lavonne terry ujczo, eye color brown, hair color brown: athletic runner and loves fashion

maximilian “max” daniel ujczo, age 6 months, eye color blue, hair color blonde: the most amazing baby ever ( i’m sure ever mom says that and yes he has every recessive gene possible from me and dan!)

The 3 to 5 prominent colors I would like in my piece include:
sand, chocolate, blue, scarlet and grey

Is there a career path you would like to include in an illustration:

dan- is a lawyer

kat works for abercrombie & fitch corporate office

max is our first child born 5.22.11

Tell me what you would like to see your family doing (would you like them just sitting all together posing, as if for a picture? Or would you like them to be doing something together). Please supply the most details here:
On the beach enjoying each other, the sun and having fun

Any other details you might be able to give me that would help ensure your enjoyment of the piece:
We love Kure Beach, C, the Ohio State University as we are both alumni, and we love our new family, Max is everything to us.
I love how Kat said Max has every recessive gene. What a beautiful child, right? :)

On a random last note. I love the name Kat. I always wished that was my name. Or at least “Kate”. I tried it out once. I felt like I was lying, however, so I could never truly adopt the name. So, Kat, congrats on a lovely family AND lovely name! :)

Haha. Ok, hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I got to catch up on sleep and attend my niece’s third birthday party. Can’t beat that!!

Much love!

6 Comments to “HappyFamily Ujczo”

  • kat terry ujczo says:

    Katie, thank you so much! I’m currently in Paris for work
    and away from my boys, what a wonder email and amazing illustration to wake up to. You have truly captured who we are as a family at our happiest place on earth. I can’t wait to share this with my husband, family and friends. I will cherish this for a lifetime, thank you again

    • Katie Moon says:

      Oh Kat! I’m SO glad you love your piece!!! This just made my day to read how you love it! Thank you for sharing your joy on the blog! I hope your husband, family, and friends love it too! Hope you are having a blast in Paris!! Lucky girl! :D

  • lindsey says:

    What a CUTE CUTE babe!!! And FUN illustration!

  • Andrea Terry says:

    We loved seeing are family’s illustration. You captured them in such a beautiful way . Thanks sis for sharing and thank you Katie for creating. Looking forward to having our family illustrated as well.

  • Angela says:

    I loved the colours in this illustration before I really had a chance to take it in. Then when I saw Kat’s photo – Dear Lord! She is absolutely gorgeous!! What a lovely family. I say again, Katie, you are so lucky to be “doing this”.

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