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Oh JOY! My day was made as soon as I read through Kristin’s entry this morning! Oh I was so excited! Here’s why: She asked me to illustrate her pregnant! I LOVE illustrating pregnant women!!! Second, she asked for the scene to be wintery! Need I say more?? Her colors included chartreuse and blues! Ummm… one of my FAV color palettes! Plus I love illustrating with a limited palette! And she gave me enough direction (her son loves reading) and just enough freedom (illustrate us being happy together), to make this super FUN to create!!! Oh SUPER fun!!! THANK YOU Kristen!! It was a privilege to illustrate your beautiful family!!!

And don’t they just look happy and content in the illustration. That was my favorite part in planning the piece… to make them look happy just being together.

Here is Kristin’s entry:

What are you family Members names, ages, color hair, color eyes, etc.? And, tell me a bit about their personality.
jeff, dark brown hair, blue eyes, shy, sweet
kris, blonde hair, hazel eyes, out going
louis, 5, light brown hair, blue eyes, very happy, always smiling

The 3 to 5 prominent colors I would like in my piece include: 
chartreuse green
a variety of blues

(we are very open, just no pinks and purples) thanks!

Tell me what you would like to see your family doing (would you like them just sitting all together posing, as if for a picture? Or would you like them to be doing something together). Please supply the most details here:
i would just like something to reflect how happy we have been as a small close family for years, and how happy we are preparing for the arrival of a new member in april. so i would like myself (kris) to be visibly pregnant. my young son is an avid reader so i would like to incorporate books somehow if possible into it.
Any other details you might be able to give me that would help ensure your enjoyment of the piece:
if something can be done to indicate ‘winter’ as the time frame.


I did come VERY close to messing up. Confession time. Originally, this couch was a very deep shade of a grayish purple. I loved it. And then I went back an re read through her entry (thankfully!!). And she said no purples and pinks! WHEW! Glad I didn’t overlook that one! I like the deep navy just as much! So it’s all good… in the nick of time!

I’m having such a fun week here on the blog! Thanks for loving yesterday’s piece too! And for the ideas for the series! Keep the ideas coming all week if any come to you. I do love all the ideas you shared though. They REALLY helped me out!!

All for today!! Kristen, again, it was so fun! Your family is so beautiful! And congratulations on your little one on the way!!! How exciting! Do you know what you are having?


4 Comments to “Happy Family Kelly”

  • Dawn says:

    Every one of these pieces I see convinces me more and more that I want to purchase one for my in-laws surrounded by grandkids! You do a beautiful job–I can’t wait to place my order.

  • kristin says:

    katie! i just love it! i was so excited to see this in my inbox today, you did a fabulous job. i especially love my green dress :) …and louis and his books. i can’t wait to have another illustration done after the baby comes and we become a ‘new’ happy family. thanks again!

    • Katie Moon says:

      YAY! Kristin i’m SO glad you like it!!! And I’m SO excited to illustrate all of you again after you have your new babe!! Maybe we could work the pieces together somehow as a series… not sure how, but I’m sure we could figure something out!! This truly made my day to create! You definitely inspired me! Thanks!!

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