Vintage Family Photo 8

This is the oldest photo entered so far. I love old photos like this. I love seeing the real live outfits, hair dos, scenery. The people we know normally as older, pictured young. In our new family room, I plan to have a long collage of family photos, present to distant past. Including photos like this one. They just tell the history of a family, don’t they? The mother in the photo raised her children on her own! Wow! Amazing. I can hardly imagine what she went through. How hard that must have been! And it says that in this photo, she is 31, and her oldest is 14. That means she had her first when she was 17! And her last when she was 28!! Wow!! Can you imagine having 5 kids by the time you are/were 28?? I can’t! I imagine her age must have been a benefit as she did so much of it alone! Wow! Thanks Tauni for sharing your family photo! How cool that you were able to know all of these people (minus your great grandmother)! Yes! How fortunate you are! Here’s more of the story:


Family Name Mackey Family 1940
Tell me each person’s name and hair/eye color in the photo (Left to Right, Front to Back). David (my Grandfather), Phyllis, Pauline, Rose (my Great Grandmother), Bee, RobertAll brown hair, brown eyes
Tell me the age order of the people in the photo. David (my Grandfather age 3), Phyllis (age 6), Pauline (age 11), Rose (my Great Grandmother age 31), Bee (age 13), Robert (age 14)
Is there anything about the photo that you want to make SURE I capture if you win? My grandfather David had a very close relationship with all of his siblings, but especially Phyllis. I think this picture shows how close they were at even a young age.My great grandfather is not pictured because he passed away when my grandfather was just a baby. My great grandmother, Rose, raised all 5 of her children as a single mother.
Why is your photo the winner? This photo is very special to me because it captures my entire paternal grandfather’s family at a very young age. I feel fortunate to have had a relationship with all of the people pictured, except my great grandmother.Unfortunately, my grandfather (shown in this photo at 3 years old) passed away only 2 short weeks ago. I am very grateful to have had a wonderful relationship with him and will miss him greatly.
Why do you love your family of origin?? The entire Mackey family grew up in and around Iowa, stubborn Bohemia farmers. On the surface each of them was tough and tenacious, sometimes even a little scary to me as a child. As I grew up and got to know each of them I have realized how loving and amazing each of them are. I am very proud to have them as my family of origin.

Cool story, no?

So, I have received a few more entries (and please, keep enterring!! You have until Wed. night!), so I’ll be posting 2 more entries today!! Check back often and place your votes!! You can vote on more than one photo too!!

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  • maydijo says:

    What a terrific photo! I love the expression on the little boy’s face – almost like, “I’m not so sure about this whole photo thing . . .”

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