Secret Identity to Super Hero: Paper Action Figure 1

Secret Identity to Super Hero: Paper Action Figure 1
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There are just not enough super hero paper dolls out there! Because, listen, the concept is perfect! Don’t we all know that all super heroes have a secret identity!? Then the perfect paper doll (eh hem, I mean action figure) of a super hero includes the bottom piece not in his skivvies, but in his secret identity outfit! And the perfect outfit to put on the secret identity is the famous super hero getup.

This idea stemmed from an idea I had for the week of halloween and the ideas of one or several of you. I was thinking about costumes, and this idea came to me that we could put costumes on a paper doll, and play dress up in a lesser version. Also, I had written down in my notes the request I’ve had for a super hero series. An idea that was, in fact, genius to me! The super hero craze had its heyday during the era I so often love to draw inspiration from. And what better costume and concept is there than the secret identity/super hero one? They marry beautifully.

So print these off on card stock, and let your little ones go to town! Find a play photo booth for your paper action figures to change in, and you’re ready to go. Build a lego city, and you’re even better!

I feel the need to share that there WILL be some GIRL superheros coming this week as well! I promise!

Oh I’m so excited for this concept and series!


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