Age Old Athletics: Track & Field

Age Old Athletics: Track & Field
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This has to be the oldest sport there is, no? Individual competition to find out who is the strongest, fastest, best jumper, best thrower, and so on, is ancient. I have to say the hurdles have always fascinated me. I attempted them once as a 7th grader I think. I quickly found out that I wasn’t cut out for them. I’m just not flexible. If you’ve ever seen a really good hurdler, its stunning to watch. The grace they glide over the hurdles with with…. their heads barely rise, as if they aren’t actually jumping. Just their legs come up, and then down. Almost like ballet. They make it look effortless. Stunning. Were you a hurdler? Bravo! One of my best friends is (not surprisingly she’s also a gymnast). And she was one of the very talented ones. Very cool.

Well, it is late here, and I fear I’m starting to ramble on and near to not making any sense…. So I will say ta ta until tomorrow.

Ta ta!

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  • Krista says:

    I’ve never been a runner. In fact, running is something I go out of my way to try never to do….Because it’s just a constant stream of grumblings in my brain the whole time I’m running. “Ugh…ick…this is the worst…gross…my legs hurt…ow…I’m out of breath…Ugh…yuck…I hate toe hurts.” I’ve tried it, you know. And try it again every couple of years…sort of like trying foods you’ve never liked to see if you like them now. But every time I run…there they are…just that constant stream of rumblings. But! I have always admired people who run! They always look so fit and free and especially those who run for the joy they get out of it and not to “get in shape”

  • Jeanine says:

    Yea! Thank you so much for doing a hurdler! I loved running hurdles in high school. In fact, last summer my sister and I found some hurdles and decided to run them. It had been 10 years but it was so much fun!

  • Emily says:

    Love it! My Father-in-Law ran track through college – wonder if there are photos of him to go with the photos of my grandfather…?

    And I will likely now have Stars Of Track and Field by Belle and Sebastian in my head all day. I can live with that, it’s a good song :)


  • Elizabeth D says:

    I can’t download it for some reason – it’s saying it’s not on the server.. Anyone else having that problem??

  • Pavithra says:

    loved this one … did hurdles as a kid in school … I did land on my face a few times :-D but it was still fun :)

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