Under the Sea: Fish

Under the Sea: Fish
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“Oh Fiiiisssshhhhy in the ssseeeeeeaaaa
Come liiiisten to meeeeee….
My wiiiife begs a wiiiissshhh
from the magic fiiiisssh.”

Is anyone here familiar with the children’s story, “The Magic Fish”? I am on the road and don’t’ have the book with me or else I’d look up the author for you. We picked it up at a second hand store a few weeks ago for like 12 cents! And my son requests it read almost daily. When we’re not reading it, he’s walking around the house sing songing the above verse. Sometimes while casting his plastic fish on the end of his fishing pole across the room. And sometimes he starts chanting it when we’re doing absolutely nothing related to fish… like the other day as I was walking beside him as he rode his bike around our block. He sang it over and over as we moved along.

The story is about a man who goes out fishing each day. He and his wife live in a hut. One day he catches a magic fish. He tells his wife about it who proceeds to have him return every few weeks to ask for bigger and better things. Her last wish is to become queen of the sun and the moon and the stars. At this point the fish is ticked. He tells the man that his wife wants too much and takes away everything he’s given her. It ends with the man and the woman back in their tiny hut house.

All this to say that the whole time I worked on this piece today, all I could think of were the lines above. Over and over I keep thinking, “oh fiiiisssshhhhy, in the seeeeaaa….” Singsong voice of my two year old singing and all….

Do you like when a song gets stuck in your head or not? Typically, I hate it. Unless its a song I really love… but for some reason, those aren’t the ones that usually stick.

New series tomorrow! What…. oh what…. will I do next?


11 Comments to “Under the Sea: Fish”

  • Manders says:

    Hi Katie! I Looooooove this series and I think this one is my favorite so far! When I try to download however it’s telling me there is no file available yet… just an FYI, not sure if others are having problems too!


  • Diane says:

    I can’t seem to download the file. It says it doesn’t exist :(

  • Emily Merritt says:

    Same here. :( I love this picture…perfect for my bathroom!! :)

  • Emily says:

    I’m getting that alert, too :(

    I love that little tale – especially how timely and relevant it remains.

    Happy travels!

  • Jennifer says:

    Same problem as Diane–can’t download the file.

  • natalie says:

    i’ve been getting the same message too.
    love the picture.

  • kerry davis says:

    I just found your blog yesterday and am in LOVE! Your designs are amazing. Can’t wait to see your next series. =)

  • Nina says:

    yes, its a children’s play we’ve seen at the local children’s theatre.

    I don’t tend to get songs stuck in my head except maybe like the song that never ends from lambchop ;)

    no problem downloading here. sadly I don’t usually even try to open the pics unless I’m printing them off immediately so I worry they won’t work. I’ve had a few that wouldn’t download but I found if I tried a few times they would finally work.

  • Shell says:

    Sorry if this suggestion is a repeat from me, I can’t remember if I already suggested :) I think a gardening theme would be cute!

  • Pavithra says:

    Still not able to download this file … it says “Oops! There is no file available yet. Please try again later” …. :(

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