Kitsch Kitsch Kitchen Utensils! #5

Kitsch Kitsch Kitchen Utensils! #5
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A couple days ago, one of you said that your favorite thing after many hours of canning is to sit back and admire the pretty filled jars cooling on your counter. I so agree! Its like that with so many cooking and baking adventures. If I’m making my son a birthday cake, it is so rewarding to see the finished project sitting pretty and ready to be shown off to my son and our company. After a labor of love, the end product feels like it has part of you in it. I remember being a kid and the mac and cheese tasting better if I made it myself than if my mom made it for me (this is not to say that I don’t like mac and cheese anymore!!). Then there’s the flip side to this too. My sweet mother-in-law always says she enjoys the Thanksgiving dinner better the next day. I can totally relate to that too. You’ve worked so hard for so many hours. You’ve smelled that turkey baking for 3 hours or more. When you sit down you are so tired that everything tastes the same. But then when you sit down to eat the left overs on Black Friday, suddenly you can taste the flavor that wasn’t there the day before… and not just because it marinated further over night! Honestly, if I think about it, I may marvel at the jars of jelly or salsa on my counter all “tied up” and neat and ready to give away as gifts or be proudly displayed behind closed cabinet doors (that seems like a paradox!), but I’m quite sure that salsa is just NOT going to taste good the night I made it (at least a GINORMOUS batch of it… fresh salsa in small quantities can definitely be enjoyed!!). I’m tired. I’ve been smelling it all day. And to open a just finished jar seems like I’m defeating the purpose of the work I just did. But give it even a day… and you bet I’ll enjoy every pepper and tomato and drop of sweat that went into the kettle. I remember making salsa when I was pregnant with my first. The smell alone nearly sent me hurling in the toilet. I couldn’t even taste test it. I made my husband tell me if it was good enough to can or if I needed to add more of this or that. That was a bit risky. But I couldn’t do it myself. I went to bed so sick from the smell that night. I even had to sleep in the basement to get away from the smell! But in the a.m…. out came the chips, then a dip…. then a “well, its better than I thought it was last night, but too bad I was too sick to test it myself… close but no cigar.” Haha…. I’m really getting nowhere in this thought process. All that to say, I started this illustration with the two potato mashers, and it really morphed into a piece loosely based on canning tools.

Anyone else had the same experience? Like it better on day 2? Or marveling at its completion?

Two more days, then what, oh what shall the next series be? I’m not sure yet….

Happy happy happy Friday!!!!

6 Comments to “Kitsch Kitsch Kitchen Utensils! #5”

  • maydijo says:

    Well . . . I hate meatloaf. But about once every 3 or 4 years, for whatever reason, I really want a meatloaf sandwich. So I’ll make the meatloaf, and because I hate to waste food I’ll make us have it for dinner; but the primary reason of the exercise is so that I can have a cold meatloaf sandwich the next day.

  • Sheri says:

    I can’t think of anything specific right now, but I can definitely relate! I do sometimes have the opposite problem when I make anything with a strong smell like tacos, chili, sauteed onions, Italian. i enjoy the meal the day I make it but then the smell haunts me all night long and I want nothing to do with the leftovers.
    I know you just did a boy theme (which I loved!)but I would love to see a robot theme sometime. I’ve got three boys and we have an outer space room and a soon-to-be robot room going on.
    Thanks for all your creations! I love seeing what’s new everyday!

  • Laura Brem says:

    I love the illustration of canning implements. It really captures the spirit of canning! I always have a hard time letting my husband open a new jar of jam because it diminishes my beautifully stock cupboard. But, isn’t that the reason we can – so people can enjoy. :) .
    Also, after your great lesson on kitsch and kitchen, I found myself thinking about aprons. Aprons have been used as long as women have been in the kitchen. They change designs with each passing decade. And, they all have character: frilly, simple, hand-me-down, holiday, child-size, etc. Anyway, thanks for the lesson! I loved thinking about the different aprons in my family and all the history they have. :)

    • Katie Moon says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the discussion on kitsch. And I love how you wrote about aprons! I hadn’t thought about how long they’ve been around and the multiple different styles they’ve seen! Thanks for your insight!

  • maydijo says:

    If you’re still looking for ideas – Dinosaurs! They’re loved equally by girls and boys. They’re fun and fabulous and you could make them look so cute. Special request – if you do dinosaurs – please include a pink one. My daughter and all of her friends (boys and girls) love dinosaurs; but for some reason the powers-that-be think they’re a boy thing, so it’s hard to find pink dinosaurs.

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