Happy Birthday Squirt: Mobile Decor

Happy Birthday Squirt: Mobile Decor
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You know when you walk into a Target store how you see the beautiful displays hanging from the ceiling? Well, now you can have some of the same appeal at your own party! Yay! These are so easy! Basically, its print, cut, tape, hang! You could hang them on clear fishing line like I did, or even on brightly colored ribbon! However you fancy! These are so fun to have hanging around that I might just transfer the blue version to my older son’s bedroom after the party!

Again, picture taken too late in the day for better lighting. You probably don’t mind, but it drives me crazy to not have the right lighting. I had 5 kids under my wing today! So I didn’t get to this part of the process till the evening. It’s a longer process each day than I was anticipating. First I have the obvious designing. But then I also have the printing, cutting, and assembly so that I can then photograph them for you too! Then the writing the post. And also writing the assembly directions. Whew! :)

So I also had a fun idea if you’re into hanging things from high places! Along side of these mobiles you could string various sizes of white styrofoam balls on your thread and hang them too. A little 3D action going on. It would add to the mod appeal of this line and also give the allusion of water or bubbles, which totally fits!

tata tata ta!


4 Comments to “Happy Birthday Squirt: Mobile Decor”

  • Cerise says:

    That is adorable! It would look fantastic in a play room or nursery! Love the idea of adding “bubbles” too.

  • Diane says:

    thanks for this particular series! Incidentally, I love the painting in the background. It’s so simple yet looks so fun! did you do that?

  • Erika says:

    So bummed I miss this yesterday!!! Ah! My littles bathroom is whale themed and these would love amazing over the tub (so when she has to put her head back to rinse her hair she can see fun whales up above!!!)

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