Springtime Babes: Baby Fox

Springtime Babes: Baby Fox
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I know foxes aren’t the nicest animal, but I think they are so beautiful. And fluffy baby foxes are about as adorable as they come. If I were one of those blue birds, I’d want to become friends with the little fox too!

To abruptly change the subject, we are heading to a new week day after tomorrow. I am wondering what you’d like to see me illustrate next week? I don’t have the foggiest notion of what I’ll do next. I need your help! Please do share your ideas!

So thankful for you and your insight!

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  • Louise says:

    An idea for next week… I have teo thoughts… I was thinking abouf what my son is into. Bugs… You did some in the number series and they were cute. My son is loving watching bugs these days. (and catching frogs. Or the idea of catching frogs.). The other thing is maybe an outer space theme… Rocket ships and planets. Maybe a cool alien. I’m loving these animals this week!

  • Monali says:

    thank u for all the cute illustrations for this week. as for an idea for the upcoming week…my boy is into trains these days. any sort of train gets his attention now a days.also cars. you could do a fun series on transportations and feature different modes of transportations. you did a short series on them but not specifically on trains. thanks again.

  • Laetizia says:

    I am loving this series. I plan to use it to make something for my 4 month baby (hum … not very precise ;-) );
    I share Louise’s idea about bugs and a bit wider, insects: butterfly, dragonfly, wasp, bee, bug, ant, caterpillar (insect to be …), beetle, spider (ok, it is not an insect but well living in the garden and having a lot of legs)…

    Or a very classical idea: an alphabet ! after the number series

    Have a very nice week end,

  • Annette W says:

    I think one of the reasons I like this series so much is the neutral colors you chose to use…and I like that each picture has a bold color in it. I really like the bold colors much more than the pastels for a boy’s room! I have a daughter and son, but find that on our walls bold colors do best!

    Thanks again, Katie!

  • Jodi says:

    For next week, something for the boys I think. Or maybe neutral. An alphabet series in blues, reds, greens & greys? Or maybe an international theme? Paris, New York, London… ??

    Loving your work!

  • Liz says:

    I would love to see more spring. Trees!

  • dana says:

    one of my favorite series you did was the winter town -> so maybe a spring town (and then summer and fall LOL)? with different shops/areas – e.g., flower shop, playground, cupcake shop, umbrella shop (LOL), etc … (summer: fruit & veggie stand, ice cream or snow cone shop, beach supply shop, etc etc)

    i love bunting/garland – so maybe something with that? not sure it would work for an entire week – but if you ever have a 3 day series again ….

    i like the bug idea :) we just finished raising some butterflies and let them out in the garden yesterday …

    i love hot air balloons :)

    ha – i just realized why i don’t consider myself that creative :) LOL!

  • Angie says:

    I like Liz’s ideas of trees. My favorite tree, after all the blooming trees, is the weeping birch. So beautiful! Jodi’s international theme would be wonderful, too! I absolutely LOVE Paris, London, and the European countries…can’t wait to go back some day.
    Another idea, I’ve been thinking about frogs. I have a couple frog things in my bathroom and would love to see what you’d come up with for them. My favorite frog is the tree frog…love his bright colored feet.

  • Stephanie says:

    I would love to see some beautiful colorful graphics of basic shapes. Similar to the great graphic you have for your blog ( trees near top) you could have many different sizes and colors and even print the name of the shape. I know I would use it to teach my toddler her shapes. You could do something similar with colors as well but that could be very different in concept.

  • Natalie says:

    I love Dana’s idea of a town for each season! I loved the winter one too and a spring one would be great to decorate at the moment as our “springy” decor is kind of lacking in the house!

  • Kate says:

    I second alphabet series. I think that’s d be great!

  • Jennifer says:

    Cute fox!

    My suggestions: Not sure what to call this as a “theme,” but how about springtime kid activities? Pinwheels? Sidewalk chalk drawings? Bubbles? I think these would be cute in your style, but without the kids in them–so, just the objects. I love your illustrations that are more simple, like this baby animal series, and the flower series. The use of empty space really makes the illustration stand out.

    I’d also love to see a boy theme that has to do with fishing and/or camping. We just took our 3 kids camping this past weekend, and they fished for the first time. You should have seen the look on my 8-year-old’s face when he put his first worm on a hook!

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll come up with something great! I always look forward to what’s coming up next!

  • Rebecca says:

    I LOVE the fox!!

    I was going to say an Alphabet, as I’m always a sucker for a good Alphabet book. Something like the numbers series would be awesome, but I realize that is definitely more than a week!

    I will echo, frogs as they have special meaning for me as well…

    Shapes as well would be great. My older kids have all of theirs down pat, but it would be fun to share with my youngest, I could make a small book and have it be something they could do with her.

    And I have to agree with Annette, the simplicity of the background of this series was great, with that pop of red (a favorite) was awesome.

  • Jennifer says:

    I love Dana’s idea for the summertime town!

  • Jocelyn says:

    I like the springtime activities and was thinking the same think, bubbles, new bike, training wheels, scooters. Actually, I like all the suggestions!

  • Kelsey says:

    wow! so fun! I haven’t been to into this week but can’t help but loving them because of your style of illustration.

    I of course would love a farm themed illustration

    Something to do with food–for like kitchen decor would be fun. Like illustrating appliances and or kitchen utensils–I could totally see it being gorgeous in your illustrations! So many choices but so excited to see what your creative brain chooses and how it comes out.

    I love that you take suggestions. It’s so fun to think that you would illustrate something for someone almost specifically!

  • Nina says:

    so cute!

    I may be repeating but a few ideas:

    international children

    from storybooks (not fairy tales) but things like stuart little, trixie belden, little women, jo’s boys (sequel to little women)

    engaging in different sports – soccer, baseball, kite flying (is that a sport?), blowing bubbles (definitely a sport – it increased my lung capacity at least ;) or maybe playground/street games – bubbles, hopscotch, jump rope, etc), football, riding bikes

    playing musical instruments

    different types of arts – painting, pottery, singing, acting

    childhood dreams of what they can be when they grow up – my son’s wants to drive an orange bulldozer (so a week of construction vehicles would be fun too), astronaut, firefighter (another week of public servants would be neat), ballerina, a farmer, a pirate, a musketeer (that just might be my son, he also is going to grow up and marry Minnie Mouse)

    things you can do at a lake – fish, boat, catch frogs, skip stones, feed ducks/geese

    kids playing hide and seek in different wooded areas or different types of locales

    a week of different places kids can live – farm, city, village, on a boat, etc

    colors – monochromatic pics (I can’t recall if you did this already) so something like purple grapes but the whole picture is different colors, red strawberries, purple blueberries (now these are all fruits so I guess you could do a fruit or veggie theme too)

    different farm animals

  • Nicole says:

    Oh, please do an international theme!! Love love love that idea. My husband is from France and we are taking our 3 year old and 7 month old in June. My 3 year old talks about going to France constantly so we are pretty excited. We love anything French! And by the way I need an intervention because first thing in the morning I roll over and check my phone to see what amazing picture you have created! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  • maydijo says:

    Maybe not for this week – but maybe for July or something? Would you consider a Summertime Christmas series? We live in Australia and it’s incredibly difficult to find summery Christmas decorations everything still has snowflakse and snowmen and, well, we’re in shorts and flip-flops and having barbecues and heading to the beach and snow is the last thing on our minds. If I’m allowed to make a very specific request, for about the past 15 years I’ve been after a Summer Christmas cricket type decoration – Rudolf in a baggy green would make me swoon and quite possibly have an even bigger crush on you than I do at the moment (purely platonic, of course).

  • Rachel says:

    love all the the ideas so far! kind of an offshoot of the international theme: how about a city theme? like with the iconic landmarks/skyline-new york = empire state, chicago = sears (now willis) tower, seattle = space needle, etc.

  • Laura says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful illustrations and inspiration! I also have boys… some of the things I’ve been hearing about lately are robots, cute (not scary) monsters, pirates, superheroes & the villains they defeat (sometimes these are silly). They’ve also got their springtime school carnivals going on – how about a carnival or circus theme?

  • Teresa says:

    I love this series! The babies are so perfectly adorable! :)

    My head started spinning with ideas for wall displays with the European theme suggestion. I had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling before I knew much about photography. I’d love to make a display for each city and include your illustration with some of my favorite photos. Wow- that would really make them so much more enticing to display! My favorite cities are Venice, Stockholm, Munich, Paris, London, Rome and Monaco. I loved your village illustrations!

    Thanks for considering it! Can’t wait to see where you go next!

  • Foxes aren’t the nicest of animals!? :-| Lovely illustration!

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