Awesome Block Puzzle Project, Interview with Katie, and a FREE GIVEAWAY at I’m Feelin Crafty

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Do I have a treat for you this week!!! I’m sure you remember Louise from I’m Feelin Crafty. (Remember the advent calendar and hoodie aplique with gift tag?) Well, this week, she and I have teamed up on something super exciting for all of you. Actually, it was completely Louise’s fun idea! I just knew it would be fun to join her and that ya’ll would love it too!

This week on Louise’s blog, she is having an “Oohmoon Week”!! Cool, right? She writes a post 3 days a week. Day 1 (Monday), she is sharing a BRILLIANT oohmoon illustration crafting idea with her readers (plus a how-to tutorial). Day 2 (Wednesday) she will be posting an interview with me (she asked really great questions… and some difficult ones too! But I’m so glad she asked!). And Day 3 (Friday) is her “link love” day. She normally posts links to items she is inspired by or really loves. On Friday, she’ll share some of my favorite links with you instead!

Guess what else!! We’re doing a FREE GIVEAWAY too!!! You can learn how to sign up to win ANY OOHMOON SERIES OF YOUR CHOICE by heading over there right now! If chosen, as I just stated, its your pick! Any series you want is yours for free!! Yay!

Super fun, huh? You guys just HAVE to hop on over to her site to see what she’s up to this week! I promise you won’t be sorry! I’ll be sure to remind you as each day is posted! Here is a teaser of what she’s concocted with the Spring Babes series! Like I said: it’s just brilliant! Wish I had thought of it!

Ok guys! Head on over to I’m Feelin Crafty and be sure to sign up for the Free Series of Your Choice Giveaway!!!! Woo hoo!

Thanks Louise! You are so creative!

2 Comments to “Awesome Block Puzzle Project, Interview with Katie, and a FREE GIVEAWAY at I’m Feelin Crafty”

  • Angie says:

    That is such a cute idea! My favorite series (hard to choose just one) is the one of flowers. Love the colors, design, everything.

  • Adrienne says:

    My favorite series, by far, is the Nativity series.

    I love how fresh and spunky Katie’s art is, but also how loving and joyful the Nativity scenes are.

    I must have been busy celebrating Advent with my family, because I missed this series completely, so it would be fun to win it!

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