Snow Games: Ice Skating

Snow Games: Ice Skating
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As a kid, I took about 6 years of figure skating lessons. To this day, I still love to skate… I’m not much good at it, but that’s not required in order to love something… I have to admit that I haven’t been skating in a couple years now. Little ones did it to me, I guess. But I so look forward to teaching them in another year or two.

Here we have a boy and girl sliding down the ice together, hand in hand. See the girl’s muff? Sometimes I have to live vicariously through my art. I ALWAYS wanted a muff as a girl. And I never got one. Now it would just look ridiculous to walk into the grocery store with a muff over my hands…. but if there’s ever an occasion, you can count on me having one! Or… if there’s ever a little girl in my family… you can count on her getting one! :) ANYWAYS… You can see the Scandinavian style warming house in the background. A skating rink wouldn’t be complete without one. Can’t you imagine these two taking a break to sip cocoa? What do you think about the rink begin in town? I was originally going to have it in a forest setting, but decided the town and twinkling lights would be a pretty location for it. I would guess most ice rinks are in town anyways…

Well, I feel I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll let you go. Maybe I’ll leave you with a challenge for this week:

If you have a child (or even if you don’t) and you live in a wintery wonderland right now, I challenge you to find time this week to get out and play in the snow or on the ice! Give yourself (and your kids) time to be young! Even if you aren’t keen of the cold, make the best of it since its there anyways, and get yourself some fresh air and exercise. I bet you won’t regret it! (Just don’t get hurt—I don’t want to be blamed!) :) Then, if you feel up to it, hop on here and tell me/us all about the fun you had!

And just know, that I’m going to meet this challenge too this week! I wouldn’t challenge you without planning to do it too. It’s a tad tricky with a baby that wouldn’t like it much, but we’ll figure it out! Son #1 (called thus for order of birth) would sure love me if I found a window of time for this! I bet yours would too!

Have so much fun!


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