Fairy Tales Take 2: Beauty and the Beast

Fairy Tales Take 2: Beauty and the Beast
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When I awoke this morning I was quite certain I would be illustrating Thumbelina. But after some brief soul searching, Beauty and the Beast won out. I was considering my last 3 illustrations for this series and decided MY favorite childhood fairytale should be included. So here it is. I’m not sure what captured me most in this fairy tale: the whimsical enchanted castle, the idea of a beast turning into a handsome prince (I had a complex about being ugly when I was a little girl), or lovely Belle herself. But regardless, I was captured. I remember literally screaming out loud in the movie theater when the beast roared… and then talking with my friends how “cute” we thought he was once he became a man—and how we wished he really was a real life person. Ahhh…. the memories….

To give you a little background, this story was written in France in 1740. In the original version, Belle had two selfish and mean sisters. And she wasn’t forced to stay with the beast… she humbly accepted the terms of his agreement with her father. She also wasn’t angry with the beast, but enjoyed his company. And the beast didn’t need help entraining. He was a gracious and kind host. So those were some changes (from Disney’s version) that took me by surprise.

The scene set before you is more from the original version than Disney’s. As Wikipedia states: “The Beast receives her graciously and treats her as his guest. He gives her lavish clothing and food and carries on lengthy conversations with her.” Here the poor merchant’s daughter is dressed very fashionably and is in the midst of one of her lengthy and engaging conversations with her new friend. You could say that love their love is is just starting to bloom. :)

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